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Market leader quality

Our commitment to quality means the tireless efforts of each employee according to holistic quality assurance for us and our partners.

Footprint safes money

Environmental awareness needs not to be expensive. The Grapos-Schankomat – postmix-system increases your profit and saves up to 40% on cooling costs!

Service around the clock

The slogan is:
“A Grapos professional is always close and always there for you!”
Grapos offers a service par excellence!

Grapos innovations – excerpt

We work for your advantage

Top quality is our standard

This principle is confirmed not only by our unmatched Schankomat-technology; also a great variety of postmix-drinks, there why we are known as “the European postmix-pioneers”.

Maximum space savings

A Grapos postmix-system offers the highest level of space efficiency. Compared with bottle-dispensing a “Grapos bag in box” saves more than 90% of required storage space.

Reduction of CO2 footprint

Impress your guests with the important topic of “Sustainability and Climate Protection”; You can save up to 44% CO2 and approx. 40% energy with our Grapos concept. This is money!

Grapos OOS

Grapos – the European premium brand with variety

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